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With an E Farm Indoor Riding Arena

Photos of With an E Farm Indoor Riding Arena at 78 Daniels St in Franklin, MA. Click here for directions.

Outside of the arena (and some of the parking):

Photograph of the exterior of the indoor arena building.

Outdoor Dog Potty Area (newly cleaned out by Ron, the TERRIFIC!! landlord! His wife, Lynne is great as well!!!!):

Photo of the dog potty area next to the indoor arena building.

Inside the arena (getting ready for Obedience Class, at the front entrance is an x-pen and another at the back entrance to prevent 'jail breaks'. Both doors can also be shut when it's really cold or windy out. This photo is with the lights turned off, there are a bunch of skylights that help keep it bright in there. We can also turn the Mercury Lights on for evening classes).

Photoshowing a view of the interior of the indoor arena.

More of the inside of the Indoor (Instructors Julie & Lisa as well as Lisa's Vizsla puppy Ryan and his toy):

Another view of the inside of the arena.

The front corner of the Indoor (there is a bench along the front side for easy seating):

View of the front of the arena including a wooden bench for seating.

The footing consists of sand. Makes for GREAT traction and little dust. It is raked on a regular basis (again THANKS Ron & Lynne!!!):

Close up photo of the footing.

This is the outside Agility Equipment Tent (it always amazes 1st time students how much stuff can fit in that thing!! And as you can tell, the heavy stuff is on wheels!!):

Photo of the outside agility equipment storage tent with all of the equipment inside it.

Close up of the rubber surface on the A-frame (it is also on the Dog Walk and Teeter):

Close up photo of the rubber surface on the A-Frame.

This is the general list of agility equipment available for classes:

  • 1 full set of contacts (all adjustable & rubber coated)
  • 15 single jumps, with 4' bars, adjustable from 4" to 26"
  • 2 wing jumps
  • 5 double jumps
  • 1 broad jump
  • 1 displaceable tire jump
  • 6 sets of 6 competition weave poles, with 36" poles
  • 6 competition tunnels & sand bag holders- 1 10' tunnel, 1 20' tunnel, 4 15' tunnels
  • 1 NADAC style chute
  • 12" table (not adjustable)
  • x-pen gates for weave pole training
  • PVC gates for distance training
  • 2 8' training boards, with 1' risers
  • 1 mini training teeter
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