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Rolling Admissions

Classes listed as "Rolling Admission" in the class schedule are held on an Rolling Admissions Schedule. This means that classes have no specific start date, but are held at a set time on a set day of the week every week.  As with our other services and classes, Rolling Admissions classes are not held on major holidays. 

On the Rolling Admissions system, classes are offered at specific hours appropriate for your dog's age or skill level. Each class hour there will be a specific focus, and over time, the training lessons are repeated, ensuring that students and their dogs gain instruction in a wide variety of topics. View the Class Schedule for class dates and times that would best suit your training needs and goals.  You must enroll in the class appropriate to your dog's skill and training level.  Ex: if your dog is not ready for off-leash training, you cannot enroll in Advanced Manners level 2.  If your dog is over age 5 months, you cannot enroll in Puppy Smart Start.

When registering for a class with Rolling Admissions, indicate the date you would like to begin in the class.  From there, attend classes each week consecutively for the number of weeks your class fee indicates.  For exmaple, Basic Manners is a 5 week course and is a Rolling Admission course.  If you indicate a start date of June 1st on your registration, June 1st would be your 1st week, with weeks 2, 3, 4 and 5 following consecutively from June 1st.  If, at the time of registration, max enrollment has already been reached for a specific class hour, you are permitted to skip that week without penalty and continue the following.  If max enrollment has not already been reached for that class hour at the time you register for week 1, any missed classes will be considered a forfeit of class fee for that specific class hour and no make ups are offered.  Our refund policy is the same for rolling admission courses as it is for other group classes with set start dates, and can be viewed by clicking the Refund Policy button in the left navigation bar.

As Rolling Admissions classes do have a maximum enrollment per class hour, we do still require that student's pre-register before joining any of our on-going Rolling Admissions classes.  When registering through our on-line system, if a specific date is listed as unavailable it means the class for that date has already reached the maxium number of dog and handler teams for that specific class hour. Please then check the following weeks for the next available opening.  To register or for more information please fill out our on-line registration form or call us at 781 806 5707.

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