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Equipment Vendors

While we do sell a variety of training aids and leashes to students, many students ask us where they can get other agility and/or obedience equipment. Here is a list of some of our favorite and/or the well known area distributors:


J&J Dog Supply www.jjdog.com make excellent quality leather leashes, dumbbells, toys, etc.

Karen Pryor Clicker Training www.clickertraining.com has a wide assortment of clickers and positive training products

Agility Equipment


Atomic Agility in York, ME www.atomicagility.com this is where my Aluminum Dog Walk on wheels is from. Terrific folks to work with!

NADAC in OK sells rubber for contacts www.nadac.com e-mail Becky at nadacbecky@aol.com

MAX200 www.max200.com is the most common equipment manufacturer in the North East, though not really overall thrilled with the craftsmanship of their equipment

Agility-Equipment.com www.agility-equipment.com Makes AL equipment, mostly good stuff. They were in MA now have moved somewhere southern.


Plans for home made PVC Jumps (MS Word Doc) designed by Katrin Andberg & Ben Philibert

Atomic Agility in York, ME www.atomicagility.com makes the terrific 1 piece Aluminum jumps we use in class and at trials

MAX200 www.max200.com makes good double, triple and broad jumps

Agility Ability www.agilityability.com makes fancy colored PVC jumps

Affordable Agility www.affordableagility.com makes PVC jumps

Clean Run www.cleanrun.com makes easy to use jump cup strips


NTI Global in NY www.ntiglobal.com

NADAC in OK www.nadac.com sells very heavy weight rubber tunnels

Tunnel Bags in MN www.tunnelbags.com makes terrific, long lasting tunnel holders that can be filled with water or sand

Weave poles:

Atomic Agility www.atomicagility.com I would get their Steel poles as opposed to the Aluminum ones. Aluminum pole bases tend to be very light weight and move too easily.

MAX200 www.max200.com They make the weaves most commonly seen at area trials

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