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Recommended Reading

Students have asked us for a list of recommended reading. Here is our list of current on and off-line reads for dog owners of all stages.  We also have a special reading list for our aspiring next generation of dog trainers- Recommended Reading for Dog Crazy Kids!

The Maplewood Puppy Manual

Whole Dog Journal

Clean Run Magazine

Clicker Solutions on-line articles

4 Paws University on-line articles

Raising Canine Telecourses - Organized by Susan Smith

Dog Star Daily on-line articles - Ian Dunbar & staff

Karen Pryor Clickertraining - Karen Pryor

DragonFly Mind to Mind - Sue Ailsby

Say Yes! Dog Training - Susan Garrett

Peaceable Paws - Pat Miller

Shirley Chong on-line articles - Shirely Chong

LoLaBu Land - Silvia Trkman

Calming Signals Community - Turid Rugaas

Books that can be bought at www.dogwise.com or www.cleanrun.com or www.amazon.com

(in alphabetical order:)

After You Get Your Puppy        by Ian Dunbar   www.dogstartdaily.com (free e-book)

Be a Dog’s Best Friend- a Safety Guide for Kids            by Renee Payne & Jennifer Gladysz

Before You Get Your Puppy      by Ian Dunbar   www.dogstartdaily.com (free e-book) 

Bones Would Rain from the Sky             by Suzanne Clothier       Grand Central Publishing 

Canine Body Language a photographic guide      by Brenda Aloff            Dogwise Publishing

 Click to Calm    by Emma Parsons

 Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog                      by Leslie McDevitt

The Culture Clash         by Jean Donaldson        James & Kenneth Publishers 

Dogs, A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior and Evolution    by Raymond and Lorna Coppinger          University of Chicago Press

Dogs are from Neptune by Jean Donaldson

Don’t Shoot the Dog The New Art of Teaching and Training       by Karen Pryor Bantam Books

Feeling Outnumbered?  How to Manage & Enjoy your Multi-dog Household         by Patricia McConnell

First Course in Applied Behavior Analysis - Paul Chance  a very conversationalist, readable text that gives you the tools on how to make behavior change happen in any species and why it works.  An excellent read for anyone who wishes to learn how to change their dog's (or children or spouses) behavior for the better.

Getting in TTouch with Your Dog    by Linda Tellington Jones

In Focus: Developing A Working Relationship with Your Dog      by Deborah Jones & Judy Keller


Living with Kids and Dogs- Without Losing your Mind     by Colleen Pelar

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals    by Turid Rugaas            Legacy by Mail

(there is also a DVD/video by this name that is excellent and highly recommended viewing)

The Other End of The Leash     By Patricia McConnell

Parenting Your Dog      by Trish King


Purely Positive Training    by Sheila Booth


Ruff Love         by Susan Garrett

Shaping Success: The Education of an Unlikely Champion           by Susan Garrett

Stress in Dogs   by Marina Scholz & Clarissa von Reinhardt        Dogwise Publishing

Tail Talk understanding the secret language of dogs         by Sophie Collins           Chronicle Books

Way to go! How to Housetrain a Dog of Any Age          by Karen London and Patricia McConnell


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