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2018 Agility Workshops

New for 2018 we will be offering weekend Agility Workshops with Katrin Hawkins

Each 3 hour workshop will focus on agility skills to advance your agility knowledge, skill, and teamwork.  Workshops are limited to 8 working teams.

Workshops are held in Sharon, MA outdoors in our fully fenced agility yard.  There is ample crating space both outdoors and inside in the air conditioned training room. 

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Workshop Dates:

Sat May 19:  Go! Skills  1-4pm  (rain date: Sun May 20 1-4p)

Sat June 30:  Rear Crosses & Switch Cues  3-6pm (rain date: Sun July 1 3-6p)

Sat July 14: Discriminations 3-6pm (no rain date)

Sun July 15:  Distance Skills 3-6pm (no rain date)

Sat August 4:  Start Lines & Ring Skills 3-6pm (rain date Sun Aug 5 3-6p)

 Sun August 26:  Distance & Discriminations 9am-12pm (no rain date)

*NEW* Sun October 7:  More Distance, Discrimination & Ring Skills 9am-12pm ($70 per dog)

*NEW* Sun October 28:  Even More Distance, Discrimination & Ring Skills! 9am-12pm  ($70 per dog)

General Participant Requirements:

Workshops are suitable for dog and handler teams who are working at an off-leash level and able to work safely in a group class type setting.  Teams do not have to be competing in agility, or planning to compete, to join the workshops.  Dogs should be comfortable and quiet being crated or otherwise safely confined when waiting their turn.  Most workshops assume the dog and handler team has had at minimum some basic introduction to agility through prior private or group instruction either at Maplewood or elsewhere, please read individual workshop descriptions for detailed info on expected proficiency skills for that workshop.  All workshop exercises, except Handling the Course, can be adjusted for younger still growing dogs, including puppies.  Questions whether the workshops are suitable for your dog?  Email us and ask, we're here to help!  (email address can be found in regustration form on last page)      

Workshop Descriptions:

Discriminations - Clarity and mastery of obstacle discriminations.  Exercises to help handlers and dogs understand cue timing, clarity of signals, footwork, path and how recognize discriminations on course beyond the classic contact obstacle tunnel discrimination.  Teaching Out and Here directional cues. Novice: working participants should be able to sequence 3-4 obstacles and be proficient with jumps, tunnels, dog walk and a-frame.  Open/Elite: teams should have a basic understanding and proficiency with Out and Here directional cues. 

Distance Skills -  Exercises to build and increase your team's confidence with distance.  The afternoon session will also work on learning to direct your dog when there is a handler restriction (aka chances or gamblers) line.  Novice: Working participants should be able to sequence 4-5 obstacles, and dog is proficient with jumps, and tunnels.  Open/Elite: have basic distance skills (10-15') and working to increase confidence, clarity and skill.

Go! Skills - Dogs prefer to move in curved lines, yet in agility we often ask them to run in straight lines.  In this workshop we'll be building value for a Go! run in a straight  line cue.  Novice: we will be working on confidence with sending to targets, driving off of start lines, and committing to the Go handling line.  Dogs should have a basic introduction to hoops/jumps & tunnels.  Open/Elite: dogs should have a reliable send to target cue & behavior (target plate, mark bucket or other distance target is acceptable), and start line stay behavior. 

Handling the Course -  Strategies to memorizing courses and sequences, learning how to walk the course and find the best line for your dog, exploring various handling options, and learning to decide on the strategey most efficient and clear for your individual team.  We will be setting 1-2 half to full length courses to learn on in this workshop.  Working participants must be able to sequence 10-14 obsacles and dog is proficient on all pieces of equipment (weave poles optional).

Rear Crosses & Switch Cues - Learning and increasing proficiency with rear crosses and lead change cues.  Novice: are able to sequence 3-4 obstacles, and dog is proficient with jumps, tunnels, hoops and sending to a target.  Open/Elite: working on communicating clear timing, lines and cues, and handling switch and rear cross sequences from various course challenges.

Start Lines & Ring Skills - Exercises and games to teach start line stays and moving stops, and ring specific skills such as entering the ring with focus, enthusiasm and confidence, ignoring the leash runner, judge and ring crew, and recovering from lost focus.  Open to all levels including those with no formal stop cue.  Dogs must be proficient with off-leash skills and focus.     


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