Meet the Team

Katrin Andberg Hawkins, CDBC, CBCC-KA

Training, competing and instructing in dog agility, competition obedience and rally for 20 years, Katrin has a long successful history in performance dog sports.  After rigorous study in the science of animal behavior, she also passed the certifying exams to earn distinction as a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. She's known for her creative problem solving and personalized approach with each team she coaches.  Whether you are just starting your performance journey with your dog, you are seeking support with a problem or looking to advance your skills, Katrin's expertise and insights can foster your team's success.

Katrin's primary agility experience and training has been with NADAC style agility, especially with building solid independent obstacle performance and handling skills at a distance, which are beneficial no matter what venue you compete in (NADAC, AKC, USDAA, or CPE).  More importantly, Katrin stresses how key the relationship between dog and handler is for successfully negotiating any course and works with clients to build trusting, clear, consistent communication with their dog in and out of the ring.

When not coaching students, she enjoys walking with her dogs Tom, Zora and Breezie, spending time with her family, and volunteering with organizations she is passionate about including the Massachusetts 4-H Program, Boston By Foot, and IAABC.

Katrin sitting with her two dogs, Zora a corgi and Tom a black retriever mix

"A Round of A Paws 4-H Dog club is so grateful to Katrin and Maplewood Dog for teaching the kids to understand their dog and improve their relationship with them." - Round of A Paws 4-H club, Plymouth County, MA

Current Canine Companions

Zora (Cardigan Welsh Corgi, 2014-present)

Zora is a beyond fantastic little dog.  Earning multiple NATCH awards, winning the 2017 Elite Standard Small Dog Division at NADAC Championships in OH, 2019 NADAC Northeast Regionals, receiving invitations to compete in all NADAC Championships since 2017 and in the 2019 AKC Rally National Championships, and qualifying for induction into the NADAC Hall of Fame in 2018 at the age of 4, are just some of her accomplishments.  She is an amazing competitor, joy to train, and all around wonderful companion who after a 3 mile romp in the woods is also a top grade couch snuggler.

Zora the corgi running through weave poles

Tom (Labrador x Golden Retriever cross, 2009-present)

Tom is a prince and has been Mr. Perfect always.  Matched together in 2011 by the Guide Dog Foundation, Tom has expertly guided me through everything life has thrown at us over the years.  Whether deep in the woods, downtown city, crowded dog show, or keeping me from walking into agility jumps in the yard, he took his job as guide dog incredibly seriously.  Now retired, Tom enjoys his snacks, naps, sniffy walks, and the challenging task of training the humans to pet him just right.

Tom the black retreiver wearing his guide dog hardness and a bandanna

Canine Companions Gone Past

Niche (Flat Coated Retriever, 2004-2014)

Niche was an intense, joyful, wonderful dog who lived and loved life to the fullest.  Whether racing through the woods, swimming for bumpers in the pond, flying around the agility course or snuggling as close as he possible could to me on the couch, he never did anything in halves.  He was the description of 'high drive.'  Together we competed in Elite levels of NADAC agility among NADAC Top 10 a few years, dabbled in hunt training earning his Working Certificate, and competed in US and Canadian obedience earning his CD, CDX, RN, RA and RE.  He was an amazing dog who taught me much about stepping up and being the handler my dog needed me to be.

Niche a Flar-Coated Retriever racing through the weave poles

James (Retriever rescue, 2002-2010)

James was a rescue pup who came into my life just 48 hrs after I moved to a new city.  He was a blessing who enriched and grew my life in ways I never anticipated.  Competition was hobby to his real job (being my working guide dog), and his uncoordinated yet oddly successful way of getting through courses was always good for a smile.  Together we earned his Rally Novice and a number of Open level agility titles, but really he taught me confidence as I learned to navigate the world as a person with disability.

James a black retriever lying down in the grass

Monty (Cardigan Welsh Corgi, 2004-2012)

Monty, short for 'Vermont' was a rascal of a corgi who came to me as a 2.5 year old adult with behavioral challenges.  I had wanted a big dog in a little package and Monty sure as heck delivered.  He competed very little earning a few novice titles, but he grew my skills as a compassionate behavior professional beyond measure.

Monty the corgi running through an agility tunnel

Regal (Flat Coated Retriever, 1998-2006)

Regal was a dog instrumental in my growth as a science based trainer and person.  He was trained entirely through an evidence based approach, and excelled.  Together we found joy in agility, obedience, conformation, and more, earning many elite level titles. More importantly, Regal showed me how joyful a relationship built in trust and inter species communication can really be.

Regal, a Flat Coated Retriever, looking happy

Barley (Retriever x Husky mix, 1995-1997)

Barley was my first dog and a tragic tale, one that ended in his untimely death due to severe human directed fear aggression.  Barley's legacy is there in every dog I have interacted with since, as without the horrifying experiences he and I went through at the hands of unregulated "professionals," I don’t know if I would have had such a strong desire to embrace science-based behavior practices and do things so very differently with my next pup.  Here's to the dog who started it all, and whose memory drives my mission to continued learning in the science of animal behavior.

Katrin teaching Barley to go over the dogwalk