Our Guarantee

At Maplewood Dog we believe and fully embrace that dogs are living, thinking, changing beings, as are their human owners.  As such, it would be strongly against our ethics to enact a guarantee of how our training or behavior protocols will impact your dog's behavior.  In adhering to the code of ethics set forth by our professional organizations, we also ethically state that we will: "refrain from giving guarantees regarding the outcome of training because there is no sure way to guarantee the cooperation and performance of all parties involved and because the knowledge of animal behavior is incomplete" (APDT Code of Ethics, sec. 6).

Though we won't and can't guarantee our behavior modification or training's impact on your dog, what we can, and will, guarantee is our dedication and commitment to you as our clients.  We pride ourselves on developing individual and customized training plans to meet each individual client's need and goals, and are strongly dedicated to our motto of "Enhancing Relationships for Life," and to our clients, past and present - know that we are here supporting you.

Our guarantee and commitment to you also extends to providing the highest quality, evidence based dog behavior consulting and training that we can by remaining current on behavior research and devoted to continuing education.  We guarantee that by choosing Maplewood Dog for your training and behavior needs, you make a choice for educated, compassionate behavior consulting and training that puts your and your dog's needs first.

Katrin is a multi-faceted dog caregiver, agility trainer, and adviser on all things dog. Katrin does it with joy, humor, and the wisdom of experience. The dogs really respond to her dynamic, fun loving nature.  We do too! - Martha G., Westwood, MA

Four happy dogs sitting together in the grass