Our Philosophy

At Maplewood Dog, we believe that education is the first step towards enhancing and positively changing the canine-human relationship.  We adhere to using only safe, effective, animal-friendly evidence-based training and behavior modification techniques.  We encourage our students to view their interactions with their dogs, and others, from a stand point of encouraging appropriate behavior and positive choices through structured positive reinforcement and reward based protocols.  Our philosophy encourages teaching dogs how to be right and how to make appropriate behavioral choices and decisions, so that appropriate behavior is encouraged and inappropriate behavior is discouraged.  We believe that behavior is non-judgmental and that we all can empower positive behavior change.

We wish to educate our students on how to engage in canine-human relationships that are founded on mutual respect and trust, and an open door of inter-species communication.  We believe that dogs are intuitive, thinking, engaging beings who deserve to be met half-way, communicated with in ways that they understand, and accepted for who they are in their very "dog-ness."  We believe that supporting humane education that includes empathy and compassion for our animals, as well as for each other, is key to improving the life and welfare of dogs.  And we trust that dogs have so much to teach us, about life, ourselves and our relationships with others, if we only stop long enough to really listen to what they are saying.

We encourage both potential and existing clients to review our Blog and YouTube channel to gain a further and more in-depth understanding of the methodologies we support, follow and recommend.

"Thanks to the amazing insight into my dog's behavior given by Katrin at Maplewood Dog, my dog Merida and I are connecting better!  Katrin helped me better understand my relationship with my dog to work together as a team to have fun in pet therapy, agility, tricks and rally! She took us from, Merry barking at me to working with me.”  - Cathy A.  Pembroke, MA

A Goldent Retriever and an Australian Shepherd looking up together

Our mission is to provide the highest quality evidence-based dog behavior consulting that enhances the canine-human relationship and bond through education, communication, understanding, and compassion.