2016 NADAC Top 10!!!!

Imagine my shock and happiness to find an email in my in-box that began, “We would like to congratulate you and Zora…”. Turns out we made it into NADAC Top 10 for the year for cardigan welsh corgis!!!

Most venues do some form of year end standings, in NADAC it’s called Top 10 and they do Top 10 for each class, and Top 10 by breed/mix.  While I knew there was no chance we would have earned enough Elite points to make it into Top 10 by class (as that is for all dogs competing in that class in NADAC), we did indeed make it for breed.  So exciting!

Screen shot of our top 10 standings

To make it into Top 10, you need to have earned a min of 30 points in that class from the Elite level that year.  This is Zora’s first year trialing and we have only been in Elite in most classes since September.  So only our points post Sept of this year have counted toward Top 10.  Even with those few number of trials, we ended up as #5 cardigan in Chances, #3 cardigan in Hoopers, #6 cardigan in jumpers, #5 cardigan in regular, #5 cardigan in touch n go, and #4 cardigan in weavers!

I cannot even express how happy it makes me to have agility back in my life.  And with such an awesome little dog.  None of it would be possible with my husband and Tom as my teammates too.  Their help and support during training and trialing is really what makes this all possible.   I literally could not do this without them.  When you live with disability, especially one that limits transportation options and visual function, it takes a lot to participate in dog events.  A lot of coordination, forethought, planning, and support.  The 5 years I had without agility, I really missed, even grieved over the loss as it had been such a huge part of my life for many, many years.  I missed the community, the events, the competition, the training challenges, the travel, all of it.  To have it back is such a joy and makes me want to do a happy dance every time I think about it!  I’m so so sooo greatful that my non-dog-person husband who until he met me didn’t know dog agility even existed is willing to be a part of my dreams.

I love walking to the line every run with Zora.  She’s a great agility partner.  Such a fun dog.  Fills me with joy that she enjoys this all as much as I do.  Doesn’t hurt that she is also super cute.  I love her to bits.

We’re now on our winter trialing break around here.  Nothing until April.  I am looking forward to a couple of half day seminars we’ll be attending next month.  And of course we have our woods walks, fun in the snow, training games and fitness exercises to keep us occupied, but I know pretty soon I’ll be chomping at the bit barely containing my excitement for trial season to arrive.  I know it’s just going to be so much fun.  Can’t wait!

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