Big Dog, Little Dog

this weekend is my local clubs NADAC agility trial. So despite exhaustion, we were there today and will be back tomorrow.  Our club is small, so when it puts on a trial it’s all hands in deck.

We had a good day today. Many nice runs.  Zora forgave my lack on energy and abilities to move.  She picked up a lot of slack and was good about letting me handle from a distance with minimal steps needed on my part.  Which I appreciated.

We still need to work on her taking a straight line off the start when I’m parallel Or behind her and there are obstacles to the left or right of the line I want her to drive up.  Both regulars she pulled off the second obstacle after she locked on to a jump off to the left, despite that my body language and verbals were saying go straight. I was able to redirect her but hoop hoop dog walk in a straight line is a pretty basic starting set up in nadac.  You’d think we’d have mastered that by now.  Back to the drawing board in how to train that to the point it stops coming up as an issue.  I thought I had it figured out, apparent not yet.

We also completed our versatility NATCH today.  Which means natch number of points each in regular, jumpers, chances, tunnelers, touch n go and weavers classes.  We needed one last weavers qualifying score to earn it and we did that today with a very nice and smooth weavers run.

Zora sitting on a chair with her natch ribbon and the club banner behind her

Today at the trial Zora was the smallest dog running.

Any guesses as to the largest?  The largest I’ve seen running at a trial in quite some time.

Yup, it was a Great Dane. And not a little Great Dane. But a really GREAT Dane!!  She was one of the tallest Danes I’ve ever seen doing agility.   It was really fun to watch. I was surprised how quickly and easily the dog seeemd to find ducking into the tunnels.  Danes I’ve seen run in past seemed to prefer other obstacles to tunnels, this dog seemed to really enjoy them though.

All in all a good day, and good to support the club.  Though I’m glad it was a small trial and done earlier rather than later. Tomorrow’s alarm to do it all over again will come more than soon enough.  Now for the remainder of the afternoon, I have a date with the heating pad and couch.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I loved seeing the Dane in the agility trial. I have two Danes and I can barely imagine. One of them would look at you as if to say: “You want me to go through THAT?” The other one would happily go in but suddenly realize that all of the action was outside the tunnel and start thrashing around like a bear unwillingly trapped in a tent. Thanks for the smile!

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