NADAC Agility trial recap

Cardigan Welsh Corgi leaping over an agility jump

Yesterday morning we stopped in at the local NADAC trial for a few runs. As my life this month has been swamped with things other than training my dogs, we entered only 4 (out of 8 offered for the day) rounds, 2 of jumpers, 2 of regular and Zora was lovely.  Very very pleased.

First round of jumpers, my feet needed work.  My dog saved our butts when my feet planted poorly on a couple of lines.  I was more conscious of my feet for round 2 and we for the first time to my knowledge were the fastest dog in the entire class by yards per second.  So I was very happy!  Pretty darn good for a short little dog!  Want to still work on my cues for better paths out of tunnels, as both rounds she came rather wide out of the tunnel.

Regular round 1 was pretty sweet, though there was a tricky off course potential after the a-frame that I didn’t cue clearly or early enough and ended up needing a rather hard call off (she did and shifted to the desired line quickly).  In round 2 no call off required as I cued her path off the a-frame before she took the a-frame and we had a really nice smooth clean regular round 2, that I was really happy with (unfortunately no video).

All in all a rather nice morning at the trial, 4 runs, 4 qualifiers.  Zora was happy she got to be the focus for the morning as she has felt second fiddle this month as Tom and I have been off doing other things so much of the time.  So it was nice to spend some real quality 1 on 1 time with her and her be so happy.

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