NADAC Championships 2017 – Pre Trial day 1

Today began day 1 of 2 of the pre-trial.  The pre trial is essentially a normal agility trial.  Similar to any weekend agility competition we might go to throughout the year.  The only difference is the location, i.e. At the same venue as the championship event which begins on Thursday.   The pre trial gives competitors a chance to acclimate to the arena, see how your dog does with the surface, and get a chance to get a feel for the equipment.

The competition arena set up with 3 rings of agility

The pre trial today ran 2 rounds each of the touch n go, weavers and tunnelers classes.  Tomorrow is 2 rounds each of hoopers, jumpers and chances.

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The elite classes were huge!  Each nearly or over 100 runs!  So after we ran round one which was pretty quick and as the heights ran small to tall today, we had a good few hours before our next run.

I was pleased overall with both of our touch n go rounds.  We earned a qualifying score in each round and first place in our jump height.  so that was nice.  To me it felt like we were running our usual speeds and way but my husband said oh no she was smoking it out there!  And our YPS (yards per second) said that too!  Which was exciting

Because I can’t seem to figure out of to embed YouTube videos using my iPad here is a link to our touch n go round 2 if you would like to see it:

our weavers rounds were definitely slower.  Round 1 the 3rd set of weaves she didn’t even realize they were there.  When I walked it and saw they were a set of solid dark green poles I thought, “hmmm….”   it was rather comical during our run.  As she ran past the set she turned slightly and went “Hey!  There are weave poles here!”  And started to weave at pole 3 or 4.  She had no clue previously that set of poles was there.  Round 2 though she found them and weaved beautifully.  Though on the first set in round 2 she popped out twice to sniff in the dirt.  She came back quickly but that was a bit annoying, 2nd time through that set though she stayed focused and on task  good girl.  I know we qualified with another first place in weavers round 1. not sure on our score yet for round 2 as we left for the day before they posted the results

Video link to our round of weavers:

I decided to scratch the 2 rounds of tunnelers.  I was getting tired and starting to have sensory issues  and there was no real reason for us the run those.  Our touch n go and weavers runs gave me tons of useful data on how zora is running and doing in the arena.  So instead we took the dogs to the back fields to play whiffle ball and go for a little off leash walk.  Which was a nice way to end our day at the trial.

Tomorrow we are going to skip our morning runs at the pre trial day 2 and head back there in the early afternoon to run maybe chances and jumpers and then check in for the big event!  I hear they have some awesome surprises in our check in bags this year.  Can’t wait to find out what’s in store

Zora standing with one of her purple qualifying score ribbons held up next to her head

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    1. Hi Anne, yes we are staying in a dog friendly hotel so our dogs travel back and forth to the site with us. Many other competitors are staying in rvs on site and their dogs stay in their campers with them. No dogs are left unattended at the venue over night. I think that is different than horses?

      1. Yes horses stay at the venue in stalls. In Florida they have an Equine Nanny service and for a very reasonable amount of money they will check on your horse every hour from about 8pm to 6am. They will also top up water and feed hay and breakfast feed if you leave it out for them. During the show season I always use them as it gives such peace of mind. Best of luck with the trials!

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