NADAC Championships 2017 – Ribbons

The dogs and I had some fun outside taking some photos with all of Zora’s Champs ribbons.  Ok well Zora and I had fun, Tom felt a bit put upon I think.

These are her Championships rosette ribbons from rounds 1 through 7 where we earned 1st place in rounds 1 through 6, and a 2nd place ribbon in round 7. She earned 1st place in the 8th finals round but they don’t give out separate ribbons for that round. There is also the large purple rosette and the large metal cup that she won for being the top Elite Standard Small Dog.

I’m thinking I’m going to make a ribbon wall hanging quilt with all of these plus the ones we earned in the pre-champs events.  With our newly remodeled bedroom, I think a hanging wall quilt full of blues and purples will look good in there.  I’ve never made a wall quilt before but hopefully won’t be too hard.  I have a good sewing machine.  I’ve started looking up ideas and such on various websites and have a couple of thoughts on design and how to make it percolating in my head.  We shall see what I come up with.  If I remember to take photos of the process, I’ll try to do a DIY post on how to make an awards ribbon quilt as I’ve only found a couple online tutorials so far and some of them were kind of hokey using only glue and such.  I’m hoping to incorporate doing some fabric squares with photos printed on them into it along with the ribbons.  If I get really ambitious maybe some applique corgis, but let’s not go to that level of thinking just yet.

I know some people would be “What?!  You’re going to cut your ribbons up?!” and yup that’s my plan.  We have a fairly small house and I like things to be well organized, easy to clean and low on clutter.  A ribbon quilt will consolidate the ribbons, photos and memories into one piece of art that not only I hope will look lovely, but hanging on the wall like that with fabric hopefully it will also help absorb some sound making it multi functional as additional sound reducer in this house.

My family is super excited about our win and are being super sweet.  My mum called to tell us she organized a family get together tonight to celebrate with us.  So family party at my folks house with special hamburger for the dogs even.  Pretty great to feel so supported.  It’s really nice.

Before Champs began I pre-ordered some digital photos and video from the various vendors who were documenting the event.  I can’t wait to be sent the links to ours.  I’m especially looking forward to seeing the action photos of Zora and I actually on course.  I hope they came out cool.  I know one run she was so amped up she was drooling, I wonder if they caught any of that.

Life feels like it’s getting back to normal though.  Lucy spaniel arrived a few hours ago and is visiting for a couple of nights.  Teddy shih tzu stopped by for a quick bath.  The 6 loads of laundry that resulted from the trip are nearly complete.  Hubby mowed the very over grown back lawn and did some grocery shopping.  I started my usual weekly meal prep.  And life as we know it is once more in full swing.  Onward and upward.

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