NADAC Championships 2017 – Rounds 3 & 4 or Day 2

Today we hand the blog over to the corgi dog.  Risky giving her such worldly power but she’s been a rather good girl so…

Zora here, let me tell you about my day!

first I love this hotel where I get my very own huge bed each night!  Tom has to sleep on the floor on his dog bed, haha.  And he says he’s the favorite, ha!  I even get this fancy chair so I can easily hop from bed to bed and bed to floor.  I love it!

Zora lying on a chair looking at me

next mum keeps feeding us breakfast while it’s still dark out!  I could get used to this!  At home I have to wait until it’s light out, that’s a long time to wait!

Today when we got to this agility place we keep going every day, mum got out and left me in the car!!  Sure The guy I love stayed with me, but she left me in my cage for like 2 hours!  She said she was walking the course, but who knows.


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when she came back instead of getting me out, we drove some more.  Then more waiting in the car while the guy I love went into some stores.  Mum was tired and kinda cranky so I was a good girl and didn’t bark at all.  We then drove some more and what the heck? Why are we back at the hotel?  What happened to agility?

mum and he crawled back to bed to sleep some more so I figured why not and took a nap too.  We napped for a while.  Then the humans got up again and we got back in the car.  This time when we got to the agility place she got me out!  She said since we were the 4th to last dog today there was no point in sitting around in the crating area for 12hrs today.  Ok I guess that makes sense.

after my lots of napping I was so happy so mum let Tom and I off leash to run and run and run in the field.  It was awesome!  After mum said I was still wound up so i got to go all by myself outside to play with mum and the wubba!  SO MUCH FUN!!  I love the wubba

a while later finally my turn!  I love hot dogs and my squeaky ball and I love agility.  As I ran up and over the dog walk mum asked me to wait, so I did but then I heard this weird click click click click sound.  The photographer was taking my picture!  I had to figure it all out as there were these people standing there staring at me too.  Mum said everything was ok that it was just the judge and ring crew so I believed her and finished the dog walk and had fun the rest of the run.  Mum was very pleased, I got to play corgi ball outside after and eat hot dogs, it was great!  The guy I love was happy too, he said we won first place again!  I dont know what that means but if it means hot dogs then sign me up.

my round 3 video:

then we had to wait. And mum was getting grouchy.  She said peoples voices and the noise was becoming a problem.  She said we would have 5 hours before I would run agility again!  5 hours till more hot dogs and squeaky ball, yikes!

the guy I love and mum put me in the car and then he parked it in another field.  then they left me there!  Hey!  Sure the windows were down and the sun shade was up and I was nice and cool but Hey!!  I hear you taking Tom for a walk without me!

Whatever, I was kind of tired so took a nap. Soon Tom and mum came and took a nap in the car with me so it wasn’t too bad. After I even got a little walk so I forgive those humans for locking me in the car alone in my crate.

Tom and I had dinner, then I got him to wrestle with me!  Super fun.

Tom and zora wrestling in the crating area

And I took the antler even though I knew he wanted it.  Haha mine all mine Tom!


Mum said I wasnt allowed to be a hoarder and had to share.  So I barked at her.  She said she didnt care, I still had to be nice to Tom.

Zora barking

By then mum had taken a nap, had her walk and eaten dinner and was no longer so grouchy.  She said she got her second wind.  Who knew humans had a first wind?

Champs round 4 course map

I took another nap and when I woke up it was time for agility again.  At 8:30pm?!  What?!  That’s bed time, its dark out. Mum could tell I was a bit confused and still a little sleepy so she said she was going to run pedal to the metal.  we are on dirt lady.  There is no for you metal to run on.  Anyway, she ran with me the way I really really like and I was super fast!  Super corgi fast!!  I had so much fun!  Dog walk, tunnels, a-frame, more tunnels, jumps, hoops and ever more tunnels!  Mum was so so so happy at the end.  She said I was an amazing and very good girl.  Tell me something I dont know.  I got so many hot dogs and it was awesome!  I love hot dogs did I tell you that?

my round 4 video:

First place ribbon on the awards wall

After she made me do corgi stretches and cool down she said we won first place again!  And my super awesomeness also has a NATCH 2 title now.  And I got hot dogs.  And my squeaky ball.  And a walk.  And a happy mum.  And a bed all to myself.  So I guess it turned out to be a pretty great day.

Night all.



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  1. I am so glad that the two of you have each other as partners! Yay, Zora & Katrin!! (Also, Mum should feel comfortable handing the blog over to you anytime!)

  2. Hi Zora, I’m Biasini and I’m a horse. My human, Ma Leueen lets me read the blog posts what are written by four leggeds and yours was great. Wow! Those courses you have to do are really something. I couldn’t do that going through the tunnel thing. But you did really well so congratulations. I hope you will be posting again. Bye for now.

    1. hi Biasini! Thanks, the tunnels are pretty awesome too bad they don’t make horse sized ones! I’ve seen some Great Danes go through them but they have to duck a lot. Mum showed me a video once of a horse doing a horse size teeter totter and tire jump so maybe ma laueen can let you try those out? Agility is super fun!! Thanks for commenting, good to know other 4 loggers blog too! – zora

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