NADAC Championships 2017 – set up

After relaxing in our room most of the morning, a fire alarm going off got everyone up and outside. While the alarm blaring wasn’t fun (afaik it was a false alarm. Don’t think the fire department even came), it was nice that everyone was outside at the same time as gave us a chance to find out what other dog people are staying here too. Also found out there is a serene pond behind our hotel.

We ran into a chunk of the Maryland/Virginia crew a few who I know but haven’t seen in nearly a decade. I couldn’t believe some of their dogs who I last remember as pups or young adults are now running in double digits classes! (For dogs over age 10). Where does time go!

They had a few jumps, hoops and a set of weaves out in the large field next to the hotel and invited us to join them. Which was very kind of them. So had a good few minutes of warm up with the corgi. Then hubby and I played with tom and zora in the field. Meaning they were content to nap the early part of the afternoon while my husband also napped and I read some of a book.

3pm arrived and time to get ready to go to set up at the competition site! After feeding the dogs an early dinner, we were off.

Our hotel is a scant 6miles for the trial site but with various traffic lights takes between 15-20min to drive. I’m really really glad we chose to stay in this hotel instead of the one where some other folks we know are in, over 20miles away. It was a good decision!

The drive takes us past a few shopping areas, then into the corn fields. It really feels like we are in the Midwest now!

Here we are! Eden Park Equestrian Center. Our home for the next week.

The arena is huge!! Tomorrow and Wednesday there will be 2 rings set up for the warm up pre-trial, then beginning Thursday the back half plus will become the massive 100×300′ championship ring along with a smaller ring closer to the front for other runs. There are spectating bleachers off to the left side and an area that will be filled with vendors by Thursday.

The crating area I think is nice. Large. Plenty of room in the aisle ways and each person’s reserved area is marked out making them easy to find. The floor is dirt but we knew that already of time and brought a tarp to put in our space. Today there were many empty spaces, by Thursday it will be full! Behind the general crating area barn where we are set up, there is a barn with individual horse stalls inside that people could pay a bit extra to rent for the week and set up in instead. I think the general crating area will suite us just fine though.

The arenas are bordered by, you guessed it corn fields. There are horse paddocks on the other side, out of view from the dogs.

During set up I ran into many more people I used to know and haven’t seen in years. It’s going to be a fun week catching up! I’m excited to see who I remember and what dogs they have now.

After we set up, a quick grocery store run for some water, and now back at the hotel. So glad I roasted a turkey to bring with us, turkey sandwiches for dinner. Yum! I also got word that all of our various friends traveling have arrived safely which was good to hear. The corgi has now assumed her usual evening spot. As has Tom, at my feet. All is right with us.

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  1. this is something new to me and I am really enjoying seeing the arena and the set up. and all that is involved. My life is just about horse shows so this is very interesting .

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