NADAC Trial Recap

This morning we packed up the dogs bright and early to head out to an agility trial.  Due to life being busy and the weather (meaning wet grass) we haven’t had a chance to train much this month.  I entered today mostly to give Zora and I one last chance to practice in a trial setting before NADAC Championships next month.

It was a great morning, we entered 6 out of the 8 runs which was perfect.  I’m glad we didn’t enter the last 2 runs of the day, ending at 1:30p was just right for today.  We came home with 2 regular Qs, a chances Q and a weavers Q.  Which I’m pleased with as they were nice runs where we had good team work and they were the qualifiers I was hoping we’d get as our point accumulate toward some awards.

Our first run though, Elite Touch N Go, was oh a lot of miscommunications.  Our lack of practice this month showed.  Running Zora was like trying unsuccessfully steer a freight train that run.  Oi.  She made me work!  As if my cues were irrelevant.  She kept locking on to certain obstacles.  Go?  What’s that.  Switch?  What’s that.  It was fun and comical.  Her 2nd a-frame was rather scary, I don’t think even she was expecting the way she did it.  But she’s a good little dog even when she’s being a bit naughty.  I can’t help but love her.

From there our teamwork improved and we got back into our usual groove.  Regulars were fun.  Chances we were one of the few Elite dogs to get it.  And weavers I was very pleased with, she was moving and working very well the entire run.

Now it’s a matter of checking off my lists, packing the car, making sure the person watching our house and the ducks is set, trying to get enough sleep this next week and then we’re off on our trek to Ohio!  NADAC Champs here we come!

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