NAE NADAC Trial recap

With Zora now recovered from her injury, we headed to VT for 1 day of a NADAC trial hosted by Northeast Agility Enthusiasts.  A good friend of mine happened to have the weekend off, and wanted to get out of town, so she and I along with Tom and Zora were off to Vermont!

Despite the thatch like grass that my dog gets gummed up in and the blistering migraine on the ride home, it was a good day.  7 out of 8 qualifiers, 2 near misses on the regular distance challenges (which were awesome, great way to end the day!), and some bobbles overall related to our lack of practice over the past month due to Zora’s foot.  It was great to go with my friend, I’m so glad she had the weekend off work.  She and I used to travel the country doing fun dog and sight seeing stuff, then adult life has gotten in the way (she pointed out it’s been about 10yrs since she and I last took a road trip. Can that be, 10 years?! Where has time gone!), so it was fun to reminisce and have a small road trip like old times.

Regular Rd 1 distance challenge attempt:

Regular Rd 2 distance challenge attempt:

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