Our Most Awesome NQ Ever & an All Around NATCH

Awesome, awesome day at the NADAC agility trial.  Such fun.  There were so many new folks at the trial as well which was fantastic to see!  Hope they had a welcoming experience and hope to see them again at future trials.  It’s always encouraging to see new people joining us and I do what I can to help them feel included and welcome.

This was our Elite Regular Round 1 run.  And the most awesome NQ we have ever had

Why?  Because we did the entire thing start to finish with me in the bonus box!!!!!!!!!  Which is the first time we have ever been successful with that in a regular run.  And because watching it you’d really have no clue other than if you listen to my verbal that we went off course.  Coming off the start straight line of jumps the numbered course was dog walk to the then jump pinwheel to the tunnel.  I miss cued the out tunnel so Zora took it and we did the pinwheel in reverse order to then do the dog walk and get back on course as numbered from there.  I was so proud of myself that I honored the out tunnel she took, stayed in flow, stayed handling my dog, stayed in the bonus box, and it was such an exhilarating awesome run.  I was so so so so pleased.

We then had some nice chances runs.  A couple of little bobbles with late cues from me, but qualified in both.  A weavers run I was super super pleased with as there was a bonus box which I knew was too challenging for us to do in entirety but we did about 50% of the course from the box which in a weavers round OMG I was so happy with!  I was happy with the way I handled it, where I chose to use our distance, where I chose to not and that those choices paid off with a nice smooth run.  I also loved that the time I accidentally pulled in, Zora pulled with me just as I cued. (I wish we had that run on video alas do not).

Elite Chances Round 1:

Our day ended with 2 barrelers runs, both qualifers and the first Q completed our All Around NATCH award!  To earn an All Around NATCH you have to earn a certain number of elite qualifiers in all 8 classes offered by NADAC (Regular, Jumpers, Chances, Tunnelers, Touch N Go, Weavers, Hoopers and Barrelers)

Elite Barrelers Rd 1:

Was a sweet way to start our trial season!  Next event is my club’s trial in a couple of weeks.  Looking forward to it!

Me kneeling next to Zora who is sitting beside a jump in our backyard.  Her large red, yellow & blue All Around NATCH rosette in my hand

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