When it all clicks

This morning, I set the most recent NADAC VT (video tape) jumpers course to run.  This is just our 2nd time running an Open level jumpers course to submit for the VT program. (1)  And it was glorious.  Smooth and in-sync and one of those agility runs that cause agility to become an addiction.   This was really one of the 1st times I’ve had such a run with Zora.  We’ve had maybe 2 weavers runs at this point both in trial and in VT runs that have achieved the same feeling, but this was definitely our 1st jumpers run to do it.  There were things in the run that I still want to practice and improve upon together with Z, but it was great to finally feel the essence there in a jumpers run.

  1. which as a complete aside, I adore the VT program.  Because of the VT program, it may actually be feasibly possible for me to achieve an agility dream of qualifying a dog for their Triple Triple.  Meaning progressively earning Superior Titles in all classes at the Novice, Open and Elite levels.  Without the VT program, I don’t think I could possibly ever achieve this as I just can’t physically handle trialing that amount.  My body just can’t take it at this point.  But because of the VT program, I can set courses in my yard as it is large enough, then if I need to take a break, I can and come back to them again later as I’m physically able.  I can still go to sanctioned trials and compete, and our points/qualifiers from both trials and VT runs count towards our titles.  It is really a fantastic program and I am forever grateful to the powers that be at NADAC for encouraging and setting up this program.

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