Busy Body Tattle Tale

Corgis are notorious control freaks.  Nosy control freaks.  Want to know everyone’s business and what’s going on and why weren’t they informed gosh darn it!?!  And rules, oh the rules!  The glee they get when someone is breaking the rules!

Zora standing in the yard on grass looking at me

Zora is no different.  There is a fine line to balancing what could be very bossy (and rather jerk) behavior in her.  Most of the time she is able to walk the line.  Thankfully.  Monty, he was trouble, ‘fine line what fine line?  Oh you mean that one I stomped on and ignored, that line?’  In the old west Monty would have been a gun slinging head of the outlaw gang, Zora a badge toting law enforcing Deputy (I’m glad she considers me worthy to play Sheriff).

a black and white corgi wears sunglasses with his head out the window of a blue truck
Monty was one cool dude!

But a side benefit is Zora’s a fantastic tattle tale.

She can be sound asleep and some visiting dog makes some movement or noise or gosh knows what and she’s up in a flash off to investigate.  If something is amiss and her sticking her nose into it isn’t enough for the other dog to stop, she trot trot trots on over to me to tell her tale, “That dog is breaking rules!  Go tell them so!”

I have to say my favorite move of hers though is when the other dog is getting into something, drops it when Zora approaches, and she picks it up in a swoop, trots it back to me gleefully to deposit her prize in my hand.  Another LEGO brick saved.  Thanks, Zora.

brown fluffy dog lying in the grass under a lawn chair
One of the LEGO thieves of late…

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  1. Yes, they are the 3 year olds of dogs!!! We had a Pemby… she passed of old age and neck cancer about 2 years ago. Anyway, when my daughter was little, she would swing and that dog would “yap, yap, yap” until Sam got off of the swing. If she didn’t think the kids should be doing, there she was yapping and nipping heels to herd the kids back to parents!

    1. That is so funny to hear that my dog isn’t the only one who dislikes swings. Swings are one of her “demon mode” triggers as my brother calls it. Once I was walking with my brother, we were in a park, and there was a swing set so he sat down and started swinging. Brèagha got in front of the swing, and she was going back and forth with it barking like crazy. I said “maybe you should get off,” so he did, and as soon as he was off she ran up and bit the swing. I don’t know what about it drove her so nuts.

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