But it's Thursday.

Tom standing by the door looking at me & Zora sitting in front of the door staring at it.

It’s Thursday.  We go for a walk on Thursdays.

Sorry guys.  Not today.

But it’s Thursday.  We go for a walk on Thursdays.

Not today guys.  We have a herding lesson instead.

But Thursday.  It’s Thursday.  Do you not understand human?   It’s Thursday.  Thursdays we play agility in the yard, then go for a walk with our friends, then the kids come to visit and play.  Then we take a nap.  We already did agility.  Now it’s time for the walk.

Yes, yes, I know.  It’s Thursday.  That’s what we do most Thursdays, but not today.  Today we are going herding in a little bit.

But it’s Thursday.  We are supposed to go for a walk.  We are going to stare at this door until you human remember that it’s Thursday.  And we want to go on our walk.  Thursday.  Walk.

Yes, but you will enjoy your herding lesson just as much as a walk.  I promise.  This is a good break from routine.

But Thursday.  Walk.

Does your dog know the routine on a certain day of the week?  And clearly try to communicate with you if the expected order of events changes?


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