Corgi Shark

Zora lying with her head on a pillow looking intensely at me ears alert & at the ready!

The cooler weather we’ve had this week makes for very energetic dogs!  They’ve all been rather juiced up.  Which is great fun but whooee rather intense.

The photo of Zora was from yesterday.  After a 2hr (5-6mile for the humans lots more for the off leash dogs) walk in the woods, 3 agility and ball sessions, and a 4 mile walk on the street to the bank and back with Tom and I on Friday.  And then a number of intense agility practice sessions yesterday.  She was still on cracker jacks.

She does the Corgi Shark thing of sneaking up and staring like that when she really really really wants us to do something with her.  And she knows the highest likelihood of that happening is if she’s quiet yet intense.  Hence Corgi Shark.

Tom was also on cracker jacks after all the exercise on Friday.  It makes me smile my nearly 8 year old dog in such great shape.  Yesterday we went shoe shopping at the outlet mall.  On Labor Day weekend.  To say it was a zoo is an understatement.  Tom was in his element.  He had a ball weaving me in and out of people, finding the clearest paths, stopping smartly at curbs, and generally being in his version of guide dog euphoria.  About the only 2 places that make him happier are working in downtown Boston and Ikea.

Tomorrow and Tuesday are supposed to be higher temps and the return of the humidity.  Blech.  But I’m relishing in the 60-70s and feelings of fall!  Yay!

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      1. Haha!!! I had a Cairn terrier years ago and I knit him a sweater that made him look like a dinosaur with the plates sticking up out of his back. It was great! Hmm, I wonder if I could get those shark fin life vests for my Great Danes? Hahaha!

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