Did you ask her?

My niece is nearly 3yrs old now and takes after her aunt- adores the various family dogs.  Her parents and everyone in the family, including myself, have been very conscientious about instilling good dog etiquette including early dog body language observations.  The importance of checking to make sure the dog wants interaction or wants space.  And doing it safely.  We all seem to parrot the phrases, “Safety first,” and “Give her space.”

This morning the kids came over for a visit.  After lots of fun times playing ball, eating lunch, feeding the ducks, skateboarding and such, Zora went over to her dog bed for a lie down.  Which usually means she wants a break and some space.

A few moments later, my niece came over and asked me if she could pet ‘ZoZo’ as she calls Miss Z.  “I don’t know,” I replied, “Did you ask her?”

She then walks a short ways toward the dog bed, stops short about 2′ as she’s been taught you let the dog come to you, puts her hand down and in the sweetest little voice asks Zora, “ZoZo can I pet you?  I’ll give you butt scratches?”


Regardless, Zora ignored her as no she didn’t really want petting or butt scratches right then, but Tom walked up and said, “Hey, I’d love some butt scratches right now kid.”  So everyone got their needs and wants met.

And the cuteness quota for the day in my house was fully satisfied.  So darn cute!

photo 23
Tom says, “I’d love some pets!”

For some great kid and dog safety resources visit: Doggone Safe or the Dogs & Storks Program

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