Don’t Take Good for Granted

black and white corgi sleeping upside down

blond shih tzu lies on a yellow towelWith all of the millions of behavior choices available to our dogs in any given instance, it never ceases to amaze how frequently the behaviors they chose are ones that are pretty darn wonderful. That isn’t to discount the moments of poor choice, but often it can be easy to feel the moments of poor choice outweigh the good, despite that if one was data collecting, more often than not, the moments of good well outweigh the instances of poor decisions.

So the next time your dog lies down and takes a nap. Or is quiet in their crate. Or plays with their toy. Or greets you happily when you come home. Or entices you to take them on a walk. Or is excited to train with you. Or hops in the car to go for a ride. Or comes when you call, smile, take joy that you have such a good dog, appreciate it and don’t take good for granted.

Your dog is wonderful and perfect, even if (as we all are) a bit flawed.

a spaniel, a corgi and a retriever in the snowy woods

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