This past week has been unusually busy in our house, and apparently Tom had started to feel rather used. As in ‘You only love me when my harness is on and I’m working! You ignore me in the house!  Everyone else gets more attention than I do!  You love them more!’

Yesterday he completely ignored my efforts to make it up to him, trying to invite him on the couch for some special snuggles, and trying to give him special petting, he shunned me completely. He sure knows how to put me on a guilt trip. Nothing worse than him looking at me as I try to make it up to him, and him slowly walking away.  “No!  You don’t deserve my love mum!”  Dog knows how to make me cry.

Last night he even refused to come to his dog bed in the bed room, decided to sleep by himself in the living room on his bed there.

2am I woke up, reached my hand down to where he always is beside the bed, and panicked “Where’s Tom?!”   So, of course, I got up to go find him.  He was still in the living room.  I got down on the floor, petted him a bit.  He woke up and was all, “Don’t talk to me.  Go away.” as he turned his body as far away from me as he could. 

My dog is so upset with me right now.  What am I going to do?!  What any reasonable rational person would do.  I slept on the couch next to him the rest of the night. Now, our couch is comfy but it’s still a couch.  Tossing and turning, curled in a little ball. 

Apparently my efforts paid of.  I woke up to his cute face snuffling in mine wanting to be loved and petted.  Hooray!!  My dog loves me again!  Tom has forgiven me!

All is again right with the world.  My dog loves me again.  And I’m doing my very best to give him the attention he deserves and needs.  Lots of snuggles and pets for the black dog.  He’s back to loving all of it.  Yay!

Happy smiley Tom sitting in the green grass

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