Heat wave

we’re having a heat wave. Or at least I hope it’s just a wave. Please let this end soon.  I’m not a fan. Last week was highs of 55-60’F overcast and cloudy.  That’s my kind of weather! 90+ and sunny, so not my cup of tea.

Anyway, we’re having a heat wave. And the dogs are blowing their coats.  Tom loves to be brushed anytime, anywhere for as long as I (or anyone else) is willing.  When my little 3 year old niece gets out his brush even he’s in heaven.  She says, “I’m going to brush Tommy.  Tommy loves being brushed!”  And sure enough he does.  (Not to worry, we have conversations on how she can tell Tom loves it, and how to tell when he’s had enough, practicing behavior observation skills, and adult supervision always.  She also only uses his blue kong zoom groom rubber massaging brush so no chance of her poking him too hard with brushes more effective for getting his coat out that I use)

Zora, Zora tolerates brushing as she sees its value.  When she was a little pup she detested it.  thought brushing was a stupid idea thought up by dumb humans just to annoy little corgi dogs like her.  Then she went through her puppy to adult coat transition in the middle of summer.  She was hot, I brushed her and she was less hot.  Cause and effect won her over to the value of a good brushing.

Most times of the year if I’m brushing Tom, Zora leaves us be.  No desire to participate. This time of year is a different story.

This morning I gave Tom a good brushing.  And Zora asked for a turn.  Meaning she must really want it.

Sure enough as I’m brushing her she lies down flopped on her side enjoying the undercoat being pulled out.  One side done, I paused, as often if she’s had enough she’ll decide to walk away.  Instead she flopped the other side.  Relaxed and happy I was helping her shed about a pound of corgi under coat.

Both dogs now sleek and shiny.  Much happier and cooler.

photo 32

People often ask me what I used to brush my dogs.  My 2 go to brushes are my good old fashioned Greyhound Comb and Slicker Brush.  For Tom and Zora, with their coat type of thick dense under coats, over 90% of the time I use the greyhound comb.  If they happen to get something sticky in their coat or some burrs in it, then I use the slicker brush.  Tom enjoys being massaged with his Kong Zoom Groom rubber brush as well as I mentioned above.

Because I’m a brushing avoider (it’s not an activity I enjoy.  Increased pain and cramping in my hands is not an activity I enjoy. I do it because its part of responsible caring dog ownership), I keep those 3 brushes right next to the couch on the book case so I have easy access for when the mood to brush the dogs strikes me.  If I had to get up and dig the brushes out of the closet every time I thought the dogs could use a brushing, it would be done a lot less.



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