It's Snowing!

Tom is less than thrilled.

“Why are we out here?  It’s cold.  I can’t believe you’re making me sit here.  Can’t we go in yet?”

Zora, on the other hand, over the moon about it!  It’s SNOWING!!!!!!!

Zora sitting so close in front of me her front feet are on my shoes.  Tail wagging, she’s super excited!

By tomorrow morning we are anticipating 6-8″ of the white stuff.  First snow of the season.

4 thoughts on “It's Snowing!

    1. I think Breagha and Zora would end up BFFs if they ever met in real life. LOL! Last night every 20min Zora was demanding we take her out so she could zoom around like a goof ball happy happy happy in the snow.

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