Just Wanna Have Fun

We woke up to a balmy 22’F out today, so a walk was in order!  Tom was so so so so so so so (did I mention so) excited that as I put his leash on he couldn’t contain himself anymore, grabbed the doughnut toy and went to squeaky town.

I love it when he’s happy and playful like this.  So silly!

The dogs haven’t been able to get out on a real walk in over a week. With the negative temps, it was just too cold for all of us.  Tom has been getting out more than the others when we run errands and such, but it has still not been near our usual amount of activity and exercise.

But today we did get out and had a great walk. Thank goodness for snow shoes. And we were lucky as the place we chose to walk at today someone had gone through and made a number of paths with a snowmobile. Made for much easier walking than had we been to left to our own devices to forge a trail. The dogs all had a BLAST! And are now properly tired and napping. A good way to start the week!

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