Little Sisters are the Worst

Brady the basset hound made himself a nice soft toy pillow to catch some shut eye on. His little 10m old basset hound “sister” Rosie is gleefully trying to sneak the toys out from under his head as he sleeps.

Large Black and Tan basset hound Brady asleep on a pile of toys as smaller basset hound Rosie tries to take them out one by one

Brady is not amused.

But I am. Their dynamic is hysterical.

I don’t often sit for multiple dogs from the same family. When I do I love being able to observe how their interactions and relationship transfer to my home. Brady has stayed with us countless times over the years, this is the first time for Rosie and for the 12 year old chihuahua in their family now as well. Fun long weekend for us! 🙂

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    1. They are awesome. Every time I get to spend time with one I wonder why they aren’t more popular. they are such nice dogs. Sweet, trainable, and hysterical. The cartoons where the basset trips over their ears, not a joke, really does happen.

        1. Out of all of the various hound breeds I’ve worked with (and that has been a wide range, both scent and sight), bassets are up there on my list of one of the easiest to train and live with. In part because bassets really haven’t been used for hunting in a really long time so out of the scent hounds they seem to be the easiest to train to stay close, lowest prey drive, lowest likely hood of genetic based resource guarding (of the scent hounds, meaning still higher likelihood than many other breeds that weren’t original bred and kept as packs), and lowest energy level overall, also they are super super food motivated. I mean they still love their walks and to play, but for example Rosie is 10m old by 9am this morning she was sound alseep on a dog bed in the middle of the living room and slept for over 2hrs. All we did this morning was some laps around the backyard, no real walk. Most 10m old dogs I’ve had experience with would need way more morning exercise to get to that point.

          1. People wanting an “easy” dog always go and get a lab or a golden retriever, and I’m just like, seriously, get a greyhound or a basset, they’re as close to easy as it’s going to get. Of course they still need lots of time and attention, but a young golden retriever, oh my GOSH they are nuts. XD

          2. LOL! I do the same thing! My go tos for recommendations for people who want what I call an armchair dog (ie a dog who is ok with sitting on the couch with me while I watch tv after I was at work all day): greyhound, cavalier king charles spaniel and basset hound. Super rare for someone to take my recommendation. Totally with you on the lab and golden, seriously people they need a LOT of exercise, training, attention to be the dog you imagine they are!

          3. Just curious if you are on there as well; I just got it and am currently trying to to figure it out and find all my doggy friends. Unfortunately I am the kind of person for whom “user friendly” is still a bit confusing. Getting there though. Sorry if that was a weird/creepy question. 😉 I think I tend to be a bit overly friendly online.

          4. Lol. Oh no problem, didn’t think it was creepy. No, I used to be all up on the latest tech and such, then I realized all it did was make me more accessible and too easy for my time to never be my own. Also my nervous system really isn’t keen on artificial devices in general. So then a few years back I decided that wasn’t good for me, so now I pick and choose carefully. Instagram doesn’t make the list. Hope you have fun with it though

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