Not a Traffic Barrel

Orange and silver striped traffic barrel on a road

A lovely morning for a walk.  Tom guiding on my left, Dulce spaniel and Zora walking nicely on my right.

Nearing the end of the walk, final stretch of sidewalk towards home.  I live on the main road through town, so there is always traffic, it’s busy.  It’s trash day. It’s the time of year for road work so various bits of construction.  You get the picture.

Dulce, who is walking with her gentle leader head collar on flicks her head and does a little woof, the way she does when there is something ahead she’s unsure about.  So we stop, do a couple of hand touches for some treats, she settles.  I glance ahead and see the orange and silver stripes of a traffic barrel at the edge of the sidewalk.  Ok, makes sense Dulce is unnerved, she can be worried about stuff like that.

Dulce is willing to trust me, and Tom and Zora are unphased, so we keep going.  As we are passing, the traffic barrel says, “Hi!”

Not a traffic barrel.

I can only imagine what the construction worker thought as I’m approaching, telling the dogs, “Don’t worry, it’s just a barrel.”  LOL

Dulce spaniel close up happy panting

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  1. LOL I’ve done this kind of thing SO many times! My dogs would delight in telling you about how often I’ve said hello to what I thought was a person, only to later realize it was actually a mailbox or a small tree.

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