Not Being Terrible Cookies

The past couple of weeks have been busy and chaotic.  Between a brief VT vacation around labor day, workshops to teach, a steady stream of extra dogs, starting a new volunteer gig (that is Amazing!!), agility trials and oh Tom being injured it’s been a month so far.

The Tom being injured.  After years of managing to successfully navigate glass shard covered sidewalks, thanks to irresponsible dumb ass humans thinking tossing their glass drinking containers out the car window is a suitable alternative to a trash or recycling bin (news flash: it’s not!!), he cut his rear foot.  Not badly, think goodness, but enough to mean he’s been undergoing bandage changes every couple of days, boot wearing 24/7 and massively limited activity for the past 2 weeks.  (if I can get there via transit and then minimal walking around for him once we are there, he comes, otherwise he’s left home and the cane comes out of the depths of the closet, and we are both then annoyed).  Sliced pads take forever to heal fully.  And then once the pad is healed, it’s still very soft so have to protect it for another 1-2 weeks after that.  At this point I’d say it’s 90% healed which is great.  Probably 1 more week of bandages for him, and 2-3 more weeks of protective boot wearing (also boots and Pawz dog boots are awesome, for starters they actually stay on Tom’s feet!  Easily, without constant maintenance from me!  Can I tell you how many kinds of boots refuse to stay on his feet?  Too many others to tell about).  What is also great is he is the most tolerant dog in the entire world with the highest pain tolerance who graciously allows me to do anything to him without nary a flinch.  Seriously best dog ever, as if we didn’t already know that around here.

Zora sitting, Tom standing with purple boot on his rear foot, Dulce spaniel lying down

Tom of course gets cookies for allowing me to fuss around with his foot. And the rest of the dogs, when I’m done, get cookies for Not Being Terrible.  Not Being Terrible cookies work.  Seriously.  Over the past 2 weeks we’ve had a high turn over of visiting dogs, and every single one of them has quickly figured out that when I’m fussing with Tom, if they lie down quietly for the length of time it takes, they will get Thank You for Not Being Terrible cookies.  I pay up for the effort it takes to Not Be Terrible.  Not stealing bandage material, not knocking things out of my hands, not jumping on Tom, not jumping on me, not being nudgy, not barking.  It’s hard work Not Being Terrible when someone else is getting undivided attention!  We set the bar high around here, all you have to do is Not Be Terrible.  ­čśë


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    1. Thanks for designing and making a great product! The waterproof aspect is very nice for keeping bandages dry in the wet weather and early morning dew. I only wish you folks made a caliper devise of some kind to hold open the opening when putting the boot on as trying to pull them open wide enough to slide a dog’s foot in with my hands (which hate me on a good day) is an exercise in pain and often frustration and many many many attempts before success (thank heavens I have an incredibly patient and tolerant dog)

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