black retriever Tom's head with green grass backgrounders

Our dogs are observing us (and the world around them) all of the time. Sometimes their ability to put those observations to good use astounds me (and makes me laugh, very hard).

I’m the morning person in our family. I get up feed and toilet the dogs, then after they digest some, we walk.

Breezie would love it if that morning routine started earlier and earlier each day. Hence my tendency to ignore her when she tries to wake me up. I generally wait until she lies down for a while, then I’ll get up, so not to reinforce her being active in the middle of the night.

The past week or so I’ve been woken each morning by Tom. I almost never say, “No” to Tom for anything. 1. He rarely asks for anything more that pets and snuggled and 2. He’s now an old man and what Tom wants, basically, Tom gets. If Tom wakes me up, I get up. But, as Tom has aged his desire to sleep in has increased. Him waking me up consistently early for a week is a tad out of character, but ok, if Tom wants to go out and eat, I’ll get up.

This morning, as I dozed, I heard Breezie leave the room and trot down the hall. “What is she up to?” Next thing I know, I hear 2 dogs walking back down the hall and here is Tom waking me up.

Mystery solved.

4 thoughts on “Observation

    1. She is very smart that’s for sure! Tom’s a pacifist so I’m sure she figured out it doesn’t take much harassment and he’ll do what she wants, lol. After an early breakfast he usually goes back to bed for 2-3hrs! The dynamics between these dogs cracks me up!

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