Oh Danny Boy…

a chocolate lab puppy lies on a white dog bed

the pipes the pipes are calling

from glen to glen, and down the mountain side…

Been singing this tune all week because we have Danny visiting!

Danny the lab lying on a dog bed in the house

Isn’t he adorable?!  His family has been doing an awesome job with him, making my job as easy as can be this week.  Which is wonderful.

Danny is a 3m old lab pup.  His owners say he’s a “silver” lab, but really as silver is just a genetically dilute form of the chocolate coat coloration in labs, he’s a chocolate labrador retriever.

Zora and Danny lying side by side in the grass

As most lab pups who have come through my door for training or boarding, Danny has benefited from learning about balanced reciprocal play and that dogs don’t enjoy having their heads jumped on as a way of greeting.  Zora is, thankfully, a great puppy teacher and has been enjoying making Danny her minion.  She tells him what he can and can’t do with her, and with some consistent reminder’s he’s steadily grasping the realities of dog social interactions.  Just yesterday, for the first time, I saw him actually ask her politely if she would play with him, and it worked!  She obliged.  This morning, on the other hand, he forgot and tried the classic lab jump on her head, which yea dude, that’s a no go, she no like that.

Zora lying in the grass ignoring Danny as he flops around belly up teeth chomping the air

He is a sweet moose of a pup.  And a labrador in every sense.  Sweet, a bit slow on the uptake, needs loads of consistent repetition, and is currently a puppy version of Jaws.  Seriously, he tried to eat my concrete garden statue, ignoring the antler lying right next to it.  He is for sure all lab.

Danny sniffing Zora’s face outside in the grass

0 thoughts on “Oh Danny Boy…

    1. Lol. That was from the first 30min he was here. Now, she’s got his number and then some and seems to enjoy getting him to do her bidding lol

        1. Energetic yes, also around here where they often don’t get enough exercise, and are expected to be ornamental house pets content with a leash walk ever few days they are often rather neurotic.

  1. Awww he’s so cute! I have to admit that I like the color, but most of the “silver” Lab puppies sold around here (at extra high prices) are actually Lab X Weimaraner, making them even more of a handful than a typical Lab puppy. A couple years ago I had a dream (nightmare?) that I somehow ended up with one for my next service dog prospect. Considering that I chose a Border Collie, maybe a “Sliver” Lab pup wouldn’t have been so bad. LOL

    1. Oh Lordy that nightmare! I would have woken in a sweat lol. He’s supposedly shipped out from Iowa or Indiana or some Midwest ‘I’ state, so wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he had some weim in him, but his temperament is at this stage all low key dopey lab. Thankfully for his family, he’s a great fit for them and their kids.

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