I think it’s been nearly a year since I had a baby puppy here.  This weekend we get Willy!  and OH MY GOSH is he cute!

Close up of Willy, a mostly brown fluffy puppy with a white and black muzzle

Willy belongs to a couple I know from agility, and he’s a little over 4 months old.  At only 10#s he’s a peanut, a super cute smart one at that.  He’s likely some kind of herding breed mix, maybe some spitz type dog in there too, who knows.  Their 2 older dogs are staying with their house sitter, but they felt Willy was too young for that so he gets to spend the next few days at Camp Katrin.  Yay for us!

Within moments of being dropped off he was following the big dogs around, practicing recalls to me for a treat, and being super social with my mum and niece who happened to also be visiting.

He’s currently experimenting with what behaviors make Zora come back into his ‘zone’ (he’s on a leash attached to my foot) to play and  what behaviors make her leave his ‘zone.’  He’s realizing barking, whining, jumping, pawing, humping and biting all make her leave or stay out of his zone.  Quietly rolling around on the floor, play bows, and wiggling all make her come back and stay in his zone.  He’s a quick study this one.  LOL

Willy followed Zora up onto the aframe so I encouraged him to practice his sit on the contact zone behavior for a treat.

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