Rearranging Furniture

You’ve all rearranged furniture because it makes your dog happier?  Right?  I’m not the only one?

Tom prefers to position himself in various rooms of the house so that he can easily see me.  He will occasionally go sleep in a room I am not currently in, but will still sleep in whatever part of that room he can see me the moment I walk into it.

Meaning if I place his dog bed in a way that his view would be blocked, he won’t use it.

Like the way I in a moment of poor furniture arrangement placed his dog bed at the foot of our bed as we moved back into the bedroom. He’s refusing to now sleep on it.  (also our new rug arrived, I love it!  It’s so comfy to walk on!)

Tom’s large dog bed at the foot of our bed, unused.

Last night as we all went to bed I encouraged him to get on his bed.  He reluctantly did.  I got into bed.  Tom got up, futzed around the room until he found a spot he deemed fit his criteria on the rug next to my side of the bed, flopped with a sigh and slept there.

Today the dresser and the dog bed will swap places.  Tom will once more sleep on his dog bed. All shall be well.

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  1. Oh yes, our entire house is set up for the dogs’ comfort. There are chaise lounge cushions on the living room floor for them. Traditional beds don’t fit Danes. Our couch is a bazillion years old, but I can’t get a new one with a chewing puppy in the house! I’ll just keep putting the stuffing back in. Oh, the list goes on and on.

    When we bought a vehicle the car dealer was impressed when I said we were buying it for our eldest boy. He thought I’d gone totally bonkers when I told him my eldest boy was a dog! Hey, gotta tote my boys somehow!

    1. I like your chaise lounge cushion dog bed idea! The dogs must adore them! we too got our new car with the dogs in mind, it had to be “Tom approved” as he disliked our old sedan so much and be able to fit the corgi crate plus dog show stuff.

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