There was nothing tentative about the way the dogs were acting in the woods today.  In the pouring rain.  It was all systems go for blast off!!

Dulce, Wally and Zora racing through the woods to me.  They are filthy.  Very very filthy!

I enjoy walking the dogs in the rain, mostly because no one else seems to.  So we are usually pretty assured of having the place to ourselves.  I also enjoy it because the dogs always end up extra extra tired and so are content to sleep all afternoon.  Allowing me to get some work done (or nap.  Same thing, right?) and they aren’t bugging me to go back out in the damp all that often.

There’s something out there!  Zora, Wally and Dulce listening to some critter in the trees

Also my excitement for the week.  My hiking boots of 15 years.  Yes, 15 years I’ve had this particular pair.  I adore them.  They are awesome.  They are comfortable.  They come in a wide.  Can I tell you how challenging it is to find a good hiking boot in a women’s wide?  Let me tell you right now, it’s hard!  They have hiked I can’t tell you how many miles, hundreds if not thousands.  They have supported my bad ankles and been a huge part of why I can keep hiking.  I’ve re-water proofed them probably 4 or 5 times in all of those years.  But alas they seem to have hit the end of their life span.  So on a ‘what the heck have I got to lose’ I looked up the company online.  And imagine my shock and super happy smile to find out THEY STILL MAKE THESE BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can I tell you how happy happy happy I am?!?!!?!?  Let me say it again, THEY STILL MAKE MY BOOTS!!!!!!!  Same exact model.  For 15 years!!!  Needless to say, I ordered another pair on the spot and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  And none too soon as today the sole one my right boot really started to part ways with the leather boot itself, and my last attempt to re-water proof has clearly very much failed.  I know I could get them re-soled but after 15 years and all I’ve thrown at them they have earned their retirement.  So thank you Ariat for making such a fantastic boot and for continuing to make it!  You have a very happy customer here, thank you!   And let me just at it again as I’m still in happy shock, THEY STILL MAKE MY BOOTS!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!

Ok back to the dogs.  I’ve been told there are dogs out there who dislike rain and getting their paws wet.  I’ve never owned one personally.  I seem to get the opposite.  The ones who love to muck about.  They come out absolutely filthy and 100% thrilled.  How can I not love it too?  They are so happy!

Occasionally I get a boarding dog who arrives less than thrilled about the concept of going outside in the rain.  But the other dog’s glee is contagious it seems.  Knock on wood, once they see the other dogs having fun I’ve yet to have one say no to their walk in the rain.

Tom in harness and soaking wet telling me about some hazard as Rock-It races past a black blurr

Here’s to happy walks in the rain.  To new boots of the same awesome make and model that have served me well for 15 years.  And to today’s lack of migraine!  WooHoo!!  Thank you Universe for listening to my plea (see, it’s all me folks, I’m the one to thank for the break in the weather.  You’re welcome.)

Dulce, Wally, Rock-It and Zora racing away side by side through the forest.  Their own doggie posse!

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