I rarely wear shoes in the house.  Shoes are for going out.  Slippers are for in the house.  Or bare feet.  For no reason other than my feet really hate shoes.

This afternoon I had a couple of appointments so of course had my shoes on to travel to and from those.  I usually take my shoes off immediately once home.  But I knew in a couple of hours I have to go out again to fiddle class and in between have a dog being dropped off who tends to have over grown nails when she’s dropped off meaning shoes are a necessity until I trim her nails.  Therefore made the rare decision to keep my shoes on.

Tom is so confused.

Close up of Tom’s black face as he stands between my legs my blue flannel jacket around his ears

Shoes = going out. Why are we still here?

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    1. He was very happy once we left for fiddle class. Though he has expressed his disappointment that it is a double corgi weekend (the visiting dog is also a corgi). Lol.

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