Skill A Day: day 24, 25, 26 & 27 So what have we proved?

Oh yea, that I’m not consistent with written training logs.  Yup, as this exercises reminded I’m consistent for about 21 days.  Despite my lack of writing about it, the dogs and I have been having lots of fun with our skills though.

To recap

Day 24 was Saturday.  Hmm, Saturday oh yes Christmas Eve.  Which in the German tradition, is what my family continues to celebrate as the tree, family all gathers, presents shebang.  So Saturday, yes the goal was to wear the dogs staying home out enough that they would be happier staying home while Tom got to come to the festivities.  With that end goal in mind we played lots of training games in the yard with the ball as reward.  It was also raining, so mud was indeed a factor.  It was fun.  When the muck became too great, we practiced our Toto Fit Exercises in the cellar.  And by 3pm indeed, I had a houseful of happy to snooze dogs.  Success.

Day 25 was Sunday.  Honestly, was a lazy day around here.  Until we headed off to an early dinner at my parent’s house.  Which both Tom and Zora were allowed to come to.  At which the dogs practiced long down stays under my parent’s dining room table, which they both held despite my father tripping on them multiple times even after I moved them.  Sigh, don’t ask, seriously, don’t even ask.  I was amazed really that Zora held her down when being stepped on, since I certainly would have gotten up had I been her.  Tom, well, I wasn’t surprised as Tom unfortunately is rather used to being stepped on in a down stay.  Waitstaff are notoriously good at it even when he is tucked well under my chair or table.  One of the many challenges in life as a guide dog for good old Tommy Dog.  He really is such a good dog, amazes me every day he does.  And they both practiced excellent restraint and leave it skills with many food and other temptations right at dog level.

Day 26 was yesterday, Monday.  Monday, Monday, oh that was a fun day.  Seriously was.  We had a great long walk in the woods with our friend and her lab.  Then somehow Zora still had energy so we played some cone and barrel agility in the back yard.  Then I reorganized, trashed and prepped for donation a lot of stuff (because yes I am a person who is compelled to get rid of stuff when new things no matter how few are brought into the house.  It’s a balance thing.) which meant the dogs and I gained some more square footage in the basement training room.  So after a rest, we took advantage of that and practiced some fun tandem heeling exercises around posts in the cellar.  I was laughing and giggling so hard (also got very dizzy, note to self no more than twice in any direction around the posts!  LOL), the dogs wagging and smiling, I think we all had some fun.

Today Day 27 Tuesday.  Our backyard is a squelching mud pit, so in some effort to salvage the lawn for spring, we avoided the yard most of today.  Instead the crew and I took a good long leash walk.  The dogs all did very well.  Leash walks on trash day remind me how nice it is to not have current dogs who prefer to scrounge.  So relaxing to walk not worrying if anyone ate anything unsafe.  And this afternoon everyone got a pawdicure with the dremmel.  Which they were very good for and tolerant of.

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