So sleepy

this week always catches me off guard.  I anticipate it to happen 2 weeks later than it does nearly every year.  The week when the phone starts ringing off the hook, when life suddenly gets very very busy, when Client’s come out of the wood work.  It’s just been a very busy and chaotic week.

Ted the little poofy dog I’ve written about before is spending a couple of overnights here this week. And this morning he is so sleepy as yesterday and Tuesday none of us had any time for our usual pile on the couch and rest.  To be honest I’m so sleepy as well, I’ve been borrowing from tomorrow’s all week

As I came back inside this morning after dealing with 2 egg bound ducks (fingers crossed they are going to be ok now.  Hoping for the best) and giving their overnight pen a cleaning overhaul, Ted sat at my feet barely able to keep his eyes open and practically falling over he was so tired.

He clearly wanted to sleep but only with me too. So we are now on the couch together and teds snoozing dreaming his little poofy dog dreams.  He’s so cute when he’s tired and sleeping all snuggled up.  And yes he does like to have a soft comfy blanket all around him when he’s napping, who doesn’t?

Little brown and white fluffy teddy head poking out from under a green blanket

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