Strong Opinions

Tom can be a very opinionated fellow. Makes what he wants very well known. Amazing how one so silent, can be so clear.

Black lab cross face staring up nose against my jeans
Toms “I want a walk” communication

Take for example today’s walk. There is a small couple block neighborhood about a mile up the street the dogs and I were walking in this morning.

At one of the crossings, Tom puts hard pressure on the harness to the left. He wants to go across. We aren’t going that way. I don’t know how to get home that way. I don’t even know if that way goes anywhere, it could be another weird cul de sac that this neighborhood seems to have plopped down in odd places I haven’t yet fully figured out.

I tell him so, “No, Tom, right.”

He stands firm. Clear he wants us to go on an adventure. Wants to go explore that other part of the neighborhood

“No, Tom, not today. right”

He says, “fine!” And turns right. Then stops dead.

“Tom, forward”

“No. I wanted to go left!”

“Tom. Forward. Hop up!”

He gives an exasperated sigh, and takes two slow steps forward. Pauses, double checking I won’t reconsider, decides I’m not going to give in, we really won’t go to the left today, and starts leading forward down the sidewalk I’ve asked for. “Good boy! Thank you!” I roll my eyes, mumble under my breathe “seriously dog”

Strong opinions. A dog with very strong opinions. Which is good in my life in the grand scheme of things. Having a guide dog who has no qualms telling me I’m wrong has saved my rear more times I care to recall. But does mean the occasional discussion.

At least once he’s decided I’ve heard him and not agreed, he does embrace what I’ve asked. Full speed ahead the rest of the walk. Good boy.

Zora and Dulce in all of this? Patiently waiting on my right. They’ve learned best to wait it out till the 2 masters of the walk sort out their differences. Lol.

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  1. Baxter has the very same strong opinions about walk routes! Rightly or wrongly, we usually do let him choose the route. Our issue is when we have to cut a walk short and turn around early. I’ve definitely experienced the double check “Are you sure you don’t want to go further?” Or on the way home, he often wants to cross the road sooner than we do (regardless of traffic) and seems to think we’ve forgotten where home is.

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