Stuck in the House

And Tom and Zora are sad.  No walk for them today.

It’s raining.  And icy.  Everywhere is this thin sheet of ice you don’t know is there until Whoops!  There go your feet.

We did some training and play early this morning in the 10min we had before the rain began.  Zora and I did our first full run through of the Fenzi TEAM Level 3 test and overall I was very pleased.  A number of handler errors on my part: forgetting what my cues were to send her over the jump and around the cone, holding a signal too long, and forgetting to shove a leash in my pocket for the last exercise, but Zora did great!  As they say “Great dog, shame about the handler.”  LOL

Tom and I played with his frog toy and we did some recall games in the cellar training room.  And lots of petting as he supervised my making of the week’s chicken soup.

Tom and Zora lying together on a dog bed

Tomorrow’s weather is looking even worse, so the dogs and I shall have to create some indoor fun.  A few days cooped up in the house and I start to get sad too! I have some games up my sleeve we all can play running around and being goofy, hopefully that takes the edge off our lack of walk realities.

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  1. You remind me of me, with all the verbal encouragement. I’ll be walking, practicing stuff with the dogs, and I’ll be like, “YASSSSSSSS!” And then notice there’s someone across the street staring at me. Like hey, you’ve really got nothing better to do than stare at people training their dogs?” LOL! Even worse is when I’m trying to clear my head/work something out while I’m walking, and I’ll start talking to myself, then look up and whaddaya know, someone’s watching me. I’m the town crazy lady. XD

    1. LOL! Yea I stopped being self conscious about it decades ago. My dog and our relationship is more important to me than how my neighbors may or may not view me. Besides, I figure they would rather hear me happy praising than say yelling so whatever the rest is on them. LOL.

  2. You and Zora are amazing together! I’m so impressed. I also love how her tail wags almost all the time that she’s working!

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