The Smell

There is a certain series of smells that I’ve come to know well over the years.  It begins with a specific permeating offense the fills the car ride home from the park, causing windows to open no matter how chilly it is, and humans to gag.  It is shortly thereafter followed by a certain floral scent, and the resuming of human breathing.  And finally by the ever classic few hours of damp dog.

It is, alas, turkey poop season.

Zora’s #1 favorite thing to roll in.  A certain short dog believes it is the most delicious of eau de parfum.  But the certain short dog also believes she should have access to such things as comfy beds and couches.  Unfortunately for her, the folks she co-habitates with on such comfy beds and couches disagree with her choice of cologne.

Let the month of corgi baths begin.

Tom, the good dog lying on his dog bed, Zora the now freshly laundered clean dog lying on the floor staring at the camera

0 thoughts on “The Smell

  1. Two dogs meet in the park:
    First dog: Hey, buddy that’s a pretty good stink you’ve got going.
    Second dog: Thanks! You smell pretty bad yourself.
    First dog: Thanks!

    1. Lol! So very true! My friend and I were joking on the car ride home, “Well we did tell her it was Halloween the other day, she’s testing out a new costume” since dogs ID through scent not so much vision. At least she had a fun time and that’s what the point of woods walks are after all, having fun. I think she’d say, “I regret nothing!” despite the bath lol

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