Too Smart

Sometimes Zora is too smart for her own good *sigh*  Well from her perspective she’s just the right amount of smart to get what she wants a number of times before the humans catch on.  So I guess she’s not too smart, she’s a little genius and we humans need to step up!

As Zora isn’t my first corgi, I’m well versed in the corgi propensity to bark.  Sometimes a lot.  And I don’t do barking dogs.

So when Zora was a puppy I instituted the policy, if she barked, Tom got a treat.  As a result of this and other training and policies, Zora is a rather quiet dog as corgi go.  Tom LOVED this game of course.  There were times I could just see him thinking “Come on you little pest, bark, I want a cookie!”  But Tom, being Tom never went to the next stage of orchestrating life so Zora would be more likely to bark.

Zora on the other hand.  No such morals.

My ‘dog barks, dogs not barking get treats’ policy has continued as I board dogs here.  My regular guest dogs learn really quickly if they bark the other dogs get snacks and most often within a day or so their barking at noises or other stimuli drops off drastically.

When that starts to happen, Zora will sometimes create situations where the visiting dog is more likely to bark.  Like pretending she hears something and sitting up all of the sudden alert.  Or moving to the door when a neighbor slams a car door (something she ignores completely when there isn’t a dog in the house who is likely to bark that she can egg on).

Oy.  Too smart!

It happens once or twice, I catch on and my whole, “Don’t, just don’t.” sighs begin.  “Zora, please, just don’t get Rock-It started.  Don’t, just don’t.”  sigh.

After a couple of the only dog who gets a treat in such situations is Tom, Zora figures I’m on to her little ploy and the barking of the boarder drops off once more.

Corgi Zora and black lab Rock-It sitting looking at the camera
Zora and Rock-It sitting looking at me

These dogs…sure keep me on my toes.

5 thoughts on “Too Smart

  1. That would definitely work for Brèagha, she gets soooooo jealous if I give Molly something. She just comes flying across the room like a little bullet, and throws herself at Molly’s head trying to snatch whatever she’s got, it’s absolutely ridiculous! LOL! She doesn’t bark much though, Molly is the barker. 😉

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