This happened yesterday. OMG these dogs are ridiculous.

(Note there is plenty of anthropomorphizing in this post for humor’s sake mostly)

Rock-It minding her own business chewing a toy on the dog bed

Rock-It lying on the bed, antler between her feet

Zora “I want that”

Rocky “yea whatever”

Zora “No! I Want that!” Bark bark bark!

Rocky hum diddly dum I’m going to ignore her and keep chewing my toy

Zora “Did you not hear me? I WANT that!” Bark bark bark now piercing bark bark squeal

Rocky thinks to herself, “This girl is weird but this toy is mine”  Continues to ignore Zora.

Zora changes tactics.

Zora “Don’t you want to give me that Rocky? See I’m super cute and I want it more than you do.  I’m adorable I really should have that toy, don’t you think?”  Wags her tail, butt wiggle, softened facial expression, play bow.

Rocky “You still weird. I’m going to keep ignoring you. Toy is mine.”

Tom “I’m so not getting involved. This isn’t happening this isn’t happening lalalalala. Not my life, not my life. Lalalalala”

Tom lying next to me on the couch pretending he’s asleep

Zora “Hmm, hard sell. Time to change tactics once more. This one never fails.”

She goes over to the toy bin picks up another toy. Carries it over and drops it at Rocky. “Here, trade”

Zora’s well chewed dino nylabone trade offering

Rocky chin on her toy, “I don’t want that. I want mine”

Zora bark bark bark “Trade! That the rules! I bring you trade, you trade!”

Rocky “Yea, you weird corgi dog.”

Zora “No No No! Trade rules! I bring you trade, you trade!”  Bark bark bark!!!

Rocky “Yea no, you weird.”

Zora lies down pouting staring at Rock-It.  No dog has ever held out this long.

Zora lying about a foot from Rock-it and the antler, head on the dog bed, staring.  Rock-It is ignoring her

Pouting staring. Pouting. Staring. Loads of pouting.

Rock-It looking up at me as I took the photo, Zora still head on the dog bed staring at the antler between Rock-It’s feet

5 minutes more Rocky caves. Groans an exasperated groan. Gets up turns around, lies back down away from the antler. Secedes, the toy is now Zora’s

Rock-It lying on the other side of the dog bed, Zora now chewing the antler

Zora happily chewing “What? I wanted it more!”

Zora paused in her chewing looking at me

3 minutes later, the toy is completely abandoned. Zora remembered she doesn’t really like chewing that antler. And Rock-It has decided she is no match for the corgi’s persistence. It’s just too much work! Nap time for all.

3 thoughts on “Trade!

  1. If Brèagha is chewing something Molly wants, Molly will go and get something else and lie down in front of Brèagha and chew it. So they just lie there chewing and staring at each other until one of them can’t take it anymore, then they switch. Bunch of weirdos, LOL! Watching them just lie there chewing and staring at each other cracks me up. I’m just like, the heck even is this?

    1. Lol! So ridiculous. Tom does something similar when he wants my undivided attention. He knows zora can’t resist when he has a toy so he gets one, starts chewing it she decides she wants it, so he lets her have it then gleefully comes to ask me for the attention he wanted in the first place without zora butting in. Lol. Damn dogs are so smart!!

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