Training Hiatus

Zora in a sit pretty position balanced on the end of a log

The dogs and I have been on a training hiatus.  Essentially since we returned from Championships.

I have a list of things I could be working on with them.  But its stayed a list.  There’s been no action on my part.

Instead of training, some things I simply am ignoring, some managing, some avoiding.

We all seemed to need a break.  Zora wasn’t asking to do fun stuff in the afternoons.  Both were ignoring their toys for the most part.  Petting and sleep were about all they were asking for.

We’ve been keeping to our usual walking routine, but that’s about it for much activity with the dogs.

Sometimes we need a break.  Sometimes just snuggling on the couch together is time better spent.

But yesterday the dogs and I had fun playing with the large downed tree branch still in the middle of our yard.  Practicing their circus tricks as I call them.  Balancing, jumping, spinning, playing around and laughing.

Tom  standing beside and Zora sitting on the large tree branch in the yard

Then Zora starting asking to do the dog walk and a-frame, and for me to kick her Jolly Ball.  Tom wanted to do recall games.

I think our training hiatus has ended.  Time to get back to practice.  Fun times ahead!

Zora balancing on the log walking towards me, Tom in the background sniffing


0 thoughts on “Training Hiatus

  1. That’s great that you all got some time to relax. I have a six month old Border Collie. For me, there is no such thing as a day off, haha! She’s all about play, play, PLAY. Not that I ever really don’t want to play with an adorable pupper. 😉

    1. LOL! I remember those days with Zora. LOL. No days off what so ever. Now that she’s over 3 she’s more content to take the occasional afternoon off. Mornings though, we still have to get our walk in or else. Border Collie pups are so cute and fun intense, I’m sure you’re having a blast with her!

      1. Same with the morning thing. Morning is crazy time! To be honest, if I get another BC in the future, (I’m sure I will, I’m addicted now, haha,) I will probably adopt an adult one or an older puppy because I think one BC pup is enough BC pup for me for a good while. 😉 Definitely not the easiest puppies out there, LOL! They’re like the average puppy times 10.

        1. Agreed 100%! That’s awesome that you are in love with BC so much now!! 🙂 Corgi is about as much herding dog as I can live with on a daily basis, lol.

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