AKC Rally trial re-cap

Today we went to the Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club’s rally trials.  I have to say the short days of these rally and obedience trials is a definite draw for me at present!  2 trials and we were gone from the house a total of 4 hours, so that includes travel and competing.  Pretty sweet.  Hubby also appreciates that unlike agility, we don’t have to be out of the house at the crack of o dark hundred.  Leaving the house at 10am on a Sunday rather suits his preference.

Any how, it was an overall great 2nd rally trial experience for Zora.  We earned the 3rd qualifying score required to earn our Rally Novice title and move up to Advanced.  Where we earned our 1st Advanced Rally qualifier despite some rather major handler errors.  Oops.  The judge was very kind and said as we finished, “So you know that…” and explained the errors I made.  No, no I didn’t know that, but now I do, which is great.

What made me really happy though was a couple of competitors who I didn’t know came over to me to tell me that the team work Zora and I had was lovely and they could just see how in tune to each other we were as we did the course together.  That really made me smile.  As that connection with my dog is what I love about doing anything with my pups.  It isn’t worth doing if my dog isn’t also having a good time and enjoying what we are doing together as a team.  I’m glad Zora is enjoying our forays into Rally.

Zora sitting in our kitchen with her 1st & Q blue ribbon, her New Title ribbon and her 3rd place & Q yellow ribbon


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    1. It was very sweet and kind of them to find me to say such things. It made me feel very welcome and included too which was a really nice feeling.

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