Bits of Training Fun

Well we all told had way more than just ‘bits of fun’ but here are video bits of some of our fun this afternoon out in the yard.  I’m finally feeling back in the land of the living (a norovirus had me down for the count for a couple of days), and it’s a nice cold brisk day so out into the yard we went.

Zora and I practiced some agility handling and skills with our cones and barrels.  Here’s a short clip from that.  I was very, very pleased with her fast stops today.  And her speed overall.  She was getting a bit ‘auto pilot’ on some sequences, and anticipating patterns on others, so think it’s time to change up where the cones are in the yard, or better yet be less pattern and predictable myself.  Yea, changing up the cones might be more successful.  Likely will be more successful.

We also practiced some driving of the ducks.  Or more I intended we’d practice that, but we didn’t at all.  Because I need to really remember either practice ducks before practicing agility, or completely clean up the yard after practicing agility prior to ducks.  As while I intended we’d practice driving, what we really ended up practicing was ‘yes, Zora I get your confusion, I’m so sorry, I really do want you to focus on the ducks now’.  So we quit with that, and did some easy fun with ducks.  Zora adores them in their pen, keeping them in their pen, keeping them out of their pen, and various other in/out pen related variations.  Which was successful.  Here’s a little clip of her putting ’em in the pen.  I still stumble over the ‘that’ll do’ command.  It is so the last phrase I would ever think of.  And therefore at present the last phrase Zora would ever think means come.  can’t blame her.  Good dog.

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