Circus Dogs!

I think I need to consider renaming my Thursday night advanced class “Mechanics.” Or maybe “Laugh till you cry” as that seems to be what we do each week. Lol.

Last night, per the group’s request, we focused on teaching a number of tricks that built off of skills they already had in their tool box.

We laughed so hard. “Guys, stop a minute, MECHANICS!” As the humans contorted and twisted. We broke the movements down and wa-la the dogs got it.

By the end of the hour we had a group of circus dogs! Weaving through legs, circling canes, leaping over legs and through arms, crawling. It was a hoot and a blast. We all, humans and dogs alike, left smiling and happy.

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd walking around a pole Black lab practicing crawling Mixed breed and owner practicing leg weavingAustralian Shepherd leaping over her owners leg

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