Corgi Couch Stairs

This past weekend I decided on a whim to throw together some Corgi Couch Stairs.  With our new couch being taller than our old, and with Zora being a long backed, short legged dwarf dog who prefers the comforts of sleeping on her princess throne (the couch) to the lowly floor, I figured it might behoove for there to be a stair option for Corgi Couch Dismount.

The frame I built from a myriad of wood scraps.  The 2 stair treads are parts of 2″x12″ left from the couch build.  These are then supported by two 1×8″ runners, and then additional 2″x4″ lengths to set the rise of the 2nd step.  The 1st step is simply covered in cloth glued and stapled directly on the tread, the same cloth as covers the couch.  The 2nd step to make it a bit taller and more comfortable to hop down onto, I cut an old pillow in half placed it on the step then covered in the corduroy.

When I put the steps up on Sunday night, and encouraged Zora to use them she hopped right up and down them.  Easy-peasy.  Since then she now still prefers to jump straight up onto the couch from the floor, but she almost always now chooses on her own to get off the couch using the steps.  Which to me says they were a good spur of the moment build.

photo 2
Zora front feet on the steps as if to say, “Why yes my mother does love me.  And yes these steps are mine!  Though I guess I will share with Tom if I must.”

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