Cup of Water

The other day, Zora and I went out to practice some agility.  The previous practice, I felt my hands and arms were totally disconnected and I was struggling to keep them in positions for better clarity. Zora also made it clear she would rather I be clear!

So the cup of water came out for this session.

Cups of water have taught me much over the years.  They are rather unforgiving.  My hands are off, too high, or jerky the water splashes.  My hands, arms or more get wet.  My hands are in the correct positions, my movements are smooth and clear, my hands and arms stay dry.  Instant feedback in real time.

This session, I stayed pretty dry.  A couple of little splashes, side to side, but we ended with a nearly full cup, lost about 1/4″ of water off the top.  And Zora approved of my increased clarity and cues.  I gave myself a click and treat.  😉

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